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Phone Calls and Advice



Dr Magenheim and Smith are available to patients of My Doctor by phone, fax and e-mail.


After hours, the office phone is forwarded to the physicians so that direct communication can be ensured.  During office hours, time is scheduled throughout the day for the doctor to return non urgent phone inquires: urgent calls are taken as they occur.


Questions may be submitted to the office via fax and or e-mail;  patients should note that these forms of communication are not 100% secure, and if used, are used by the patient given this risk.  Fax and e-mail messages are not for urgent or emergent needs, and should be reserved for administrative needs in order to protect medical privacy.

513.631.6963 (MYMD)

513.631.1970 Fax

9050 Montgomery Road, Suite B

Cincinnati, OH 45242




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