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Hospital Affiliations



While our goal is to keep our patients well, when necessary, My Doctor will use the following inpatient facilities:


The Jewish Hospital


Bethesda North Hospital


The Christ Hospital


We are able to coordinate your care at the hospitals above, and with specialists locally, regionally and nationally.

My Doctor is not limited to one hospital or health care network.  Caring for you with the specialists and facilities that best fit your needs will focus the best care where and when you need it.  Coordinating your care with these specialists at these facilities is part of what makes caring for our patients special.

My Doctor is an independent practice (not owned by a hospital network, national franchise or insurance plan).  We are best able to refer you to the right specialists or hospital based on your needs: the right place, at the right time based on quality and your individual needs.

If necessary care can be coordinated with national centers of excellence based on your individual needs.



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