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Thank you for your interest in My Doctor, LLC.  We have continually worked to find ways to improve health care in our community.   After much thought and consideration, we decided that to meet this vision we needed to significantly change our medical practices.

On March 1, 2003, Dr. Magenheim established a new practice which merged his two passions: taking care of individuals and finding innovative new ways to improve the medical care doctors provide.   Dr. Smith joined in this project in September, 2007.  My Doctor is located in Kenwood - right across from Moeller High School.

This new medical practice was among the first of its kind in Cincinnati and the Nation.  It provides highly personalized care with special physician access to a limited number of patients.  By focusing on a smaller number of patients we will be able to provide unique benefits to you:

*    An emphasis on delivering the best quality care.

*    Appointment times best suited to your schedule - available the same day, or within 24 hours.

*    Appointment lengths will be flexible according to your medical needs.

*    24 hour, seven day a week access to your physician for any questions by phone, or by e-mail (for non-urgent messages).

*    Access for discussions regarding special support and guidance.  

*    Better communication and coordination with specialists so that there is a team approach to your care.

*    Emphasis on wellness and preventive care.

*    Individualized management of your medical problems, including education and counseling.

*    Better communication, medication use, tracking of prevention and medical needs will be facilitated with the use of an electronic medical record.

*    A dedicated staff of familiar faces working exclusively for you to ensure that you receive the personal support and guidance that you need. 

*   Inpatient care if you ever be require hospitalization (see our hospital affiliations for a list of facilities that we currently serve).

Just as this medical practice has a different “look and feel,” the financial relationship between our patients and the practice is different than a traditional primary care practice.  We intend to continue to participate in all major insurance plans, and bill for professional services.

In addition to the regular fees for covered services, there is an annual subscription fee of $1,500 per person.  The subscription fee reflects the special access and support that you will receive – access that is made possible by the limited number of patients enrolled with us. This fee covers services that insurance plans and Medicare do not recognize as covered services.  Thus, Medicare and insurers do not cover this fee.

We have created an environment personalized to your needs, your schedule and your health.  We hope that you will join us in our new practice.

We offer complimentary "Meet and Greet" appointments - we are happy to meet with you and your family to describe our practice, and how you may benefit from our services. Prospective patients may call or e-mail us for an introductory visit, or we will be happy to schedule your first appointment. To ensure that you are one of a limited number of patients to be a part of My Doctor, please contact us as soon as possible. Unfortunately, space is limited.

Please explore our website for more information.  If you have questions please let us know.  You may contact us at (513) 631-6963, or (click here) to send us your comments and questions.

My Doctor is the best possible way for us to make Health Care better for you and more professionally rewarding for us.   In many ways, it’s like returning to the good old days of medicine, combining the compassionate, unhurried “old style” of doctor care, and adding modern knowledge and technology.  We are excited about the future and look forward to caring for you as part of My Doctor.

Here’s to your good health – be well!


         Kellie K. Smith, MD         Douglas A. Magenheim, MD

                        and the staff of My Doctor, LLC



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